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Spotlight – Twilight Breaking Dawn

WARNING – do not read more if you have not read the book – contains spoilers!

I love Twilight, I am a Twihard! At first I didn’t see what all the fuss was about, I mean a book about vampires just sounds stupid.
So I held out and didn’t watch the film. Then, bored one night, I watched the first one… and LOVED it! It was so dark and mysterious and I had to know what happened to Edward and Bella.

Then I turned to the books. I read them all in the space of a month or two, I was totally hooked. Their love affair is so intense in the books, and I admired how much Bella was wiling to sacrifice  for Edward –  wanting to become a vampire.

I’ve seen all the films (bar the final installment of Breaking Dawn), and read all the books, so naturally I cannot wait for the final film.

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People’s Choice awards 2011

Hollywood stepped out in style last night at the first event of 2011 – the People’s Choice Awards.

And the red carpet didn’t disappoint…

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Twilight Breaking Dawn

For all you Twilight fans out there (me included) the penultimate part of the epic love story has started filming this week.

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