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Convert your summer wardrobe for winter

It’s a hard time for all our wardrobes when the days get shorter and the air gets chillier. Do we invest in a whole new snug wardrobe, or trot out the big knits before the snow settles?

Instead of splashing the cash loads of new items, invest in a few choice pieces to convert your summer wardrobe for winter…

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New in store – 1st August

I miss being a student! The loan that came in every term was very helpful in keeping me in Asos and Topshop finery!

For now, until I land a job, I’ll just have to lust over the new in store items…

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Welcome to the rest of your life….

So I am no longer a student as my student card officially ran out on 24th June and I have moved 3 years worth of fun and games back home.

What pains me the most about leaving University (after leaving my best friends) is the loss of the privileges that come with being in the bubble of student life. For 3 years I have enjoyed unlimited freedom and some amazing discounts and must say goodbye to the best parts of that life… Continue reading

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New in store – 29 June

So it’s been a bit quiet on my blog over the past few weeks, with exams and essays and finalist week (sob).

But now I’ve finished University and am no longer a student! So my full attention is on my blog (and My Fashion Life, who I also write for).

That said, here’s what’s new in store this week to top up your wardrobes…

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Lust of the day – Topshop fuchsia bow peep platforms

I’ll admit that I am a girly-girl who absolutely adores the colour pink!

So when I saw these fuchsia polka dot platforms from Topshop I was instantly hooked!

I’ll also admit that I’ve been loving Topshop a bit recently, but when they crack out corkers like these beautiful platforms, who can blame me?!
I love the bright suede material and think it’s offset perfectly by the silky fun polka bot bow. The peep toe also gives an opportunity for another glimpse of colour from your nails.

If I had a spare £80 I’d be adding them to my basket, and my life, straight away!

Topshop fuchsia bow peep platforms, £80

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Lust of the day – Topshop Dress Up bow dress

I adore the Topshop Dress Up collection, it’s all so fun and utterly fabulous.

Each dress seems to unique in one way or another and this contrast bow dress is no different.

It looks like something Cheryl Cole would wear on the X-Factor (if she was on either judging panel!).

I love the simple black dress, and the bright white bow adds a quirky touch.

It’s even got detachable straps, so you can wear it two ways!

Topshop Dress Up bow dress, £65

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Trending – Fruit

Jewellery often takes inspiration from summery objects such as insects or flowers, but this season it’s a whole new basket of ideas.

A fruit basket to be exact, as high-street jewellery has started to incorporate fruits into their designs.

From apple necklaces to banana earrings, take a look at the trend here!

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