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MTV Video Music Awards 2011

The MTV Video Music Awards are arguably the most prestigious night to honour music in the industry calendar.

Of course it’s also another chance for gorgeous celebrities to grace the red carpet and strut their stuff in delightful designs.

So who was best and worst dressed this year? Take a look below…

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Cheryl Cole goes BLONDE (ish) and BOBBED!

Cheryl Cole visits the US Embassy in London

Oh Cheryl.

What have you done to your hair?

I understand that you’re going through a seriously rough patch, being dumped by the US X-Factor and then ignoring the UK one too. Then having rumours that slimeball Ashley is coming back into your life (please don’t let this be true)…

But did you really need to go and chop your luscious locks off and go this odd colour of honey-blonde/slightly ginger.

What will L’Oreal say when they see this? Still, I think it might grow on me, just a bit of a shock after your flowing big curls in America!

Still, at least you’re not bald and hitting things with umbrellas – Britney Spears take note for your next breakdown!

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