The Model Agency

Premier Models has housed some of the worlds biggest supermodels from Naomi Campbell to Claudia Schiffer.

New show ‘The Model Agency’ lets us in on the inner workings of Premier model management.
It follows the lives of those working in the agency and the models they book.

We’ve all envied models at some point. Wanted their figures, the clothes they wear and the lifestyles they live.
But is being a model all it’s cracked up to be, and how easy it posing in front of a camera when every inch of your body is being judged?
One of the shows top girls is India a young girl who has flown alone to New York for fittings and shows.
India is only 16 and is obviously finding it hard in a new city alone. The bookers hear that she is unwell and has had a breakdown. Unable to cope with the pressure in New York India decides that she wants to quit modelling and go back to school.
Having nurtured her since she was 14 Premier are keen for her to return to modelling in the future.
The story of India raised many questions about the fashion industry.
Should there be age restrictions to prevent young girls like India being told they are ‘fat’ and having their self image skewed?

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